Meet Your 2018 - 2019  Booster Board

Band Booster President

Emily Cook

President: The President shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the Association, preserve order, enforce the bylaws and discharge all duties customary to his office. He/she shall be ex-officio member of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee, and shall be informed of all committee meetings. The President shall not vote except in the event of a tie.

Band Booster Vice President

Tamra Gilchrist

Vice President: The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and assist him/her with the committees as designated by the President. The Vice President shall oversee all fundraisers.

Band Booster Secretary

Terri Chapman

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a faithful record of all proceedings of the Association. This information is to be written in an official minute book, read and approved at the next regular meeting and signed by the Secretary and the President. The Secretary shall keep an up-to-date copy of bylaws

Band Booster Treasurer

Jennifer Feld

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:

* Keep all moneys in a bank account. All checking accounts shall be established to require a minimum of two signatures on all checks.

* Make deposits according to the Bartlett Band Boosters Money Handling Procedures.

* Make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Board according to the Bartlett Band Boosters Money Handling Procedures.

* Maintain records for Student Fair Share Accounts.

* Verify all statements from the Accountant for accuracy and present statement of account at each meeting.

* Pick up all items delivered to the Post Office Box at least weekly.

* Review items received to ensure all procedures are being followed. Report any infractions to the Executive Board.

* Record all transactions in a manner necessary to produce financial statements and prepare any documents required by the IRS or other government authorities.

* Reconcile all bank statements monthly.

* Financial statements will consist of an income statement and a balance sheet. These statements will be produced on a monthly basis and given to the Treasurer to review for accuracy. Itemized reports will also be given to the Fundraiser Coordinator/Vice President to reconcile with the records of their specific activity.

Band Booster Volunteer Coordinator

David Seaman

Volunteer Coordinator – Position will secure adult volunteers to assist with all aspects of the band program including football games and marching contests. Position shall also facilitate the completion of and maintain records of the Bartlett City Schools band volunteer forms.

Band Booster Social Media Director

Rodney Gilchrist

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