1. Students and staff will be screened every day for COVID-19 symptoms. Staff/parent volunteers will take the temperature of each student each day at the start of the session using a contactless thermometer. Any student with a temperature of 100.4 or more or who pre-screens for symptoms on the Q&A document will be sent home. Students not able to immediately go home will be separated from the group. These self screenings will be recorded daily and kept for contact tracing purposes.

  2. Students will be placed in small groups while inside and will maintain safe social distancing from other groups while inside (see 'Small Groups' section below).

  3. Students and staff must maintain at least six feet of distance from all sides when not actively practicing or rehearsing.

  4. While rehearsing, students will maintain safe distancing of 6-10 feet when possible. Even if slightly closer, students will not touch or face each other while rehearsing.

  5. Only students, staff, and limited parent volunteers will be admitted to the practice and rehearsal area.

  6. Staff will plan for entry and exit procedures that reduce the number of students and parents congregating outside and/or mixing around the practice areas and parking areas. It is extremely important to adhere to arrival/dismissal procedures!

  7. Masks must be worn by students and staff while not rehearsing or eating. Percussion will wear masks at all times while inside. Guard and winds will wear masks in rehearsal when appropriate (will not wear during cardiovascular or other strenuous activities).

  8. We will use large trash cans to collect instrument condensation from 'spit valves' so none drops on the floor.

  9. There can be no shared water or food.

  10. Students will not share equipment and will only use the equipment that has been assigned to them.


  1. When students and staff are inside the building, they will be confined to their sectional rooms for meals and sectionals with their small group.

  2. Students will be with the same small group each day.

  3. Meals must be provided by each student for him/herself.

  4. Students will not share equipment and will only use the equipment that has been assigned to them.

  5. Rooms will be thoroughly disinfected between each use.

  6. Students will continue to be grouped in their sections (small groups) while outside.