Philosophy of Marching Band at Bartlett:
Marching Band is a microcosm of life. To have a successful marching band, the students in the
organization are required to be focused, dedicated, punctual, exemplify a positive attitude, set
and achieve goals, work hard, communicate effectively, motivated, committed to teamwork, and
committed to the mastery and application of a specific skill set. Marching band can absolutely
exist without these things but, like life, it won’t be very successful without them!


Marching band at Bartlett is a highly competitive co-curricular course of study. We take
attendance at each practice very seriously, and we take the work at each practice very
seriously. We are intense, but we have a lot of fun being GOOD!


Membership in the marching band is a required part of being in band at Bartlett - it is part of the total high school band experience! Completing out BHS Band Contract (link) & BHS Band Registration (link) will guarantee students membership in the marching band.


The Bartlett HS Marching Band performs at all home, varsity football games and select away football games. The Marching Band also performs at approximately 5-6 Saturday contests per season throughout September and October (sometimes into early November). In addition to football games and contests, the marching band performs at community events as we are able.


Since the competitive marching band is a co-curricular activity, we often rehearse outside of the school day. Rehearsals include, but are not limited to:
● May Camp - 4 nights from 5PM-9PM during the last couple weeks of school.
● Band Camp - 1 week of intense, focused work at the end of July to lay the groundwork
for our season.
● Night Camp - 3 nights from 5PM-9PM during teacher inservice week (one week prior to
school starting)
● School Day Rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school (times vary by
section and time of year, see calendar for details)
● Saturday Camp Days: We might have 2-3 Saturday Camp days across August &
For more specific dates, please see the band calendar.


Each student’s membership fees cover the following expenses:
Band Camp Instruction: Qualified section staff for top notch, instrument/section specific
Staff: All band instructional staff for the Marching Season & School Year.
Marching Band Show Design/Materials: Wind arrangements, percussion arrangements, guard choreography, sound design (front ensemble), copyrights for the music, color guard equipment and uniforms.
General & Administrative: Band shirts, School Registration/Membership in TMEA & WTSBOA and other associated costs, Music, Festival entry fees, repair, unexpected costs/emergency fund.
Updating Equipment/Instruments: Updating instrument inventory and retiring old and worn out instruments (much of our inventory is at a critical point in its lifespan/turnover - the district is also contributing to this update).
Start-up for Next Year/Band Improvement: Costs associated with getting the next year
started i.e. marching band design deposits, guard uniform deposits, necessary equipment for the next year. In addition to those This year we were able to purchase a new drumline and a scissor lift (so we no longer have to rent, ultimately saving money) with this fund.