At Bartlett, we use music, marching, and all it entails as a teaching tool to create better human
beings. We hope through the lessons learned here that kids find the grit they never knew they
had, strive to work harder than they ever have, and become motivated to be a better person for
“the guy down the row.”

Our Purpose: To enhance the growth, maturity, and experience of Bartlett High School
Students and impact the community of Bartlett in a huge, positive, and powerful manner.

How will we do this?

By creating excellent musicians as well as nationally recognized concert bands, marching
bands, color guard programs, and percussion programs. Our staff will provide top level
instruction and be positive role models for our students. Our parents and boosters will provide
adequate funding, advocacy, and support for the program’s development. Through lessons such
a program will teach and life changing experiences, we will create superior human beings. We
are BARTLETT and we will do what is necessary to achieve EXCELLENCE.