Welcome to the Bartlett Band! 


We’re incredibly excited to have you as part of the family!  Here are few things you need to know:


  • You will be a part of the Freshmen Academy Band. 

  • All freshmen are part of this group (this is your band class). 

  • You will combine with the high school classes to create the marching bands.


We have two marching bands:


  • The Long Red Line

  • The Competitive Marching Band. 


While the Competitive Marching Band is not required to be a part of our organization, it is part of the total Bartlett Band experience, and we highly encourage everyone who can commit to our guidelines and schedule.

Frequently asked questions


Q. In the past, you had a “Pep Band” option for incoming freshmen.  Is this still an option?

  1.  No.  The Long Red Line is now our equivalent to “Pep Band”, but you will still be required to march and maintain our simple rehearsal schedule for this group.


Q.  How much does it cost to be in the band?

  1.  Bottom line, if you perform ONLY in the Long Red Line, you are responsible for a $175 band fee.  If you elect to participate in the Competition Marching Band (which we hope you do), the fee is $500.


Q.  What does this fee cover?

  1.  Our band fee covers the entire management of the band program: repairs, new equipment, instructors, music, transportation, and so much more.


Q.  Can I make the Varsity Band my freshmen year?

  1.  No.  The Varsity and Junior Varsity groups are restricted to the high school.


Q.  I am only going to perform with Long Red Line as far as marching band is concerned.  Do I have to be at band       camp?

  1.  No.  Our two week long band camp is for the competitive marching band only.  The Long Red Line will learn their show on a shorter camp day on the Saturday following the first week of school.


Q.  I’ve heard you have spring trips.  What does it take to go on it?

  1.  First of all, the trip is restricted ONLY to the Competitive Marching Band students.  If you are in the Competitive Marching band, can keep current with payment schedule, have paid your fair share, and stay out of Out of School Suspension (OSS), you are eligible!


Q.  So what is this “fair share”?

  1.  The fair share is the booster contribution to our yearly budget.  This money can be fund-raised through the boosters or donated.  Fundraising or donating the fair share is REQUIRED to go on the spring trip.  Even if you do not plan on going on the trip, you still need to contribute to the booster budget, it helps everyone!


Q. How do I sign up for the Competitive Marching Band?

   1. All of our Marching info, including the handbook, can be found on the Marching Band Page.  In short, if you            put a down payment on your band fee in May, you’re in!


Q.  Why do we have to place a down payment in May?

  1.  This is our way of seeing how many spots we need to write for in the show, as well as start to pay for the bands beginning of the season marching band expenses.